Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2019-01-19 20:20:01

Information privacy
The information you provide is strictly for Chiquimundo NZ Ltd. and will not be given to any other provider. Throughout the course of the term photographs may be taken of the class. We try our best to avoid taking identifying photos of you or your child. If we choose to use the pictures for publicity purposes we will seek your permission to do so if you or your child is easily identifiable. You reserve the right to decline if you wish.
If you wish to take photos of videos of a Chiquimundo class in action, please ensure you have the permission from any children/parents in the picture/video before posting on an online forum such as Facebook.
We understand birthday parties, family trips and illness can sometimes prevent you and your child from attending all classes. We always appreciate an email or text message to let us know if you can not make it to class. Unfortunately, in most cases we are unable to offer make up sessions or discounts for those missed.
As all of our classes are less than 60 minutes in length, we aim to ensure that all families get the most out of the sessions. So this can happen, we need your cooperation.
- Arrive on time to class. Teachers will wait up to 5 minutes for everyone to arrive and settle in before starting. It can be very disruptive for the teacher and other children when families arrive late.
- If a child is overly disruptive in class it is the attending adult's responsibility to settle him/her. This might mean momentarily leaving the room with the child until he/she is calm again. It is not the teacher's responsibility to discipline individual children.
- If any of the materials or instruments are soiled or damaged during a session, please let us know so they can be washed, repaired or discarded.
- We often have classes that commence 15 minutes after the previous one has concluded. It is greatly appreciated if you depart promptly after the session ends so we can have a quick break and set up for the next one.
By agreeing to these terms and conditions you also agree to the following:
I understand that whilst myself and my child/ren are attending Chiquimundo classes in any capacity (including holiday programmes, one-off sessions, open days, and after school clubs), in the unlikely event of injury or illness to myself, property or child/ren, I will not hold Megan Howie, Chiquimundo NZ Ltd. or any of the associated teachers responsible.