Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2018-09-06 14:27:05

I understand that full fees will be charged until my subsidy is approved and if my child does not attend the full hours that I have applied for, I will be required to pay the fees incurred for the hours not attended. I understand that, when my child leaves the programme, I will be responsible for cancelling my subsidy.
Fees: I agree to 10% deposit in advance. I agree to pay fees, as per the current fee schedule, weekly in advance. I understand that if on an OSCAR subsidy, the child must attend the hours I have applied for.
 I agree to pay fees for the time booked whether my child attends or not, including sick days
If your fees become in arrears: Late payment of fees may result in your child’s space being cancelled and all debt collection fees payable by the parent. I agree to pay a late fee if my child/ren are left at the programme outside operating hours. This will be charged at the rate of $25 per 15 minutes, with an instant fee of $5.00. I agree to the terms and conditions on the Programme’s fee schedule.
 I agree to give one week’s notice in writing when changing or cancelling my child’s booking.
 I declare that the information I have provided is True and Correct. In the event of fees being in arrears I acknowledge a late payment fee will be charged in accordance with the current fee schedule issued by cherish childcare. Additionally I acknowledge I will be liable for interest on all outstanding amounts at the current rate and that all debt collection costs will be charged in addition to fees, interest and late payment charges. The terms of this agreement are subject to cherish childcare rules and regulations, and as such, rules and regulations may hereafter be amended from time to time. Staff will do their best to ensure a safe experience for your child sustained to your child or their personal effects.
MEDICATION staff will administer medication to your child. For safety reasons, medication must be within the expiry date, and if prescribed by a doctor, it must have the correct child’s name on it. All medication administered must be signed in the medication register by a parent or guardian. (See Administration of Medicine Policy)