Terms And Conditions

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The Enrolment form is used to determine the staffing ratios for the programme each day. It is important that any additional bookings or cancellations to part time or full time registrations are made with plenty of notice. If you require a change to your arrangements on the same day please notify the programme manager or area manager before 12noon. We will not be held responsible for changes to bookings after 12noon on the same day.

The adult assigned to uplifting the child(ren) must complete the daily roll sheet by signing the child(ren) out at the time of pick up. This is for both the safety of the children and for payment records. Only approved persons will be able to uplift a child as notified by the Enrolment form or advised by parents and / or guardians on a specific day.

We are open until 6.00pm daily. Children must be picked up by this time. We have a late pick up fine of $1.00 per minute. Where a child has not been picked up by 6.15pm and staff have not been notified they will proceed to contact people on the ‘Child Information and Registration’ sheet for someone to pick the child up. At no time will a child be abandoned, however, the programme manager is authorised to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and well being of the child.


Fees are to be paid weekly by Thursday or Friday. (Cash or Cheque). Payments may be arranged by automatic payments directly to the programme bank account. Please see the programme manager and obtain the appropriate form.
Casual bookings must pay at the end of each session. However, if more than one session is booked for a week then payment may be made on the last session attended for that week.
Fees are to be paid in advance to secure your child(ren)’s place. Any problems with the payment of fees or a variation to the standard method of payment is required, please contact Vinita to discuss.
 Late payment will incur a finance charge of 10% and non-payment will result in notice being given of your child(ren)’s enrolment being cancelled. If there are difficulties in meeting payment of fees, please contact the manager so that alternative arrangements can be negotiated. We prefer a friendly settlement to alternative courses of action.
Any queries regarding your account or payment of fees must be made to Vinita and not the Carpe Diem Kids staff or the school. Late payments may be handed to our collection agency that will actively seek all monies owed, including seeking legal redress.
The rate charged is dependent on a ‘firm’ booking. When a child attends extra days, which are outside of the confirmed booking, these will be charged at the casual rate.
The full time permanent rate is only payable for confirmed bookings. Two weeks notice, in writing, must be provided if a child is to be withdrawn from the programme or there is a change required to the days of care, otherwise a 2-week fee is payable based on the previous booking.
NO refunds are given for absences and all public holidays are charged at the applicable rate for bookings normally required that day.
Any default on the payment of outstanding fees may result in a referral to a debt collection agency and the parent will be liable for all costs that are associated with this action.

You will need to confirm fees with your individual programme. CASUAL BOOKINGS will be taken if space permits. NO GUARANTEE OF PLACEMENT. You will only pay for the sessions booked and attended. 
PERMANENT BOOKINGS. A discount applies to these sessions. You will be charged for all bookings including absences. Placement is guaranteed.

Where there is a dispute over payments received or not received, Carpe Diem Kids will provide statements to demonstrate monies received and banked. Parents will be required to provide proof that payment was made to the correct designated place. Where this cannot be provided the parent will be required to complete payment to Carpe Diem Kids.

Staff will take due care and responsibility regarding the structural and non-structural property and its use. Parents or guardians may be liable for replacement costs of equipment or property damaged by their child(ren).

SunSmart Policy – Terms 1 & 4
Children are required to wear hats which protect the face, neck and ears when they are outside between the months of October and April or at anytime the weather conditions dictate the necessity for sun protection.
“No Hat, No Play”. Children without a hat are only permitted to play in supervised/allocated shade areas. All children will provide their own hat for use at the programme. SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum sunscreen will be made available to all staff and children. Outdoor activities will endeavour to utilise shade for students and staff at all outdoor events and activities between the months of October and April or at anytime weather conditions dictate the necessity for sun protection. If no shade is available, provision will be made for breaks within a shaded area. 
We aim to provide a healthy environment for all children in our programme. We are in contact with a variety of organisations to advise and assist us in this area. We will at all times comply with all relevant health and safety in employment legislation. Staff maintain a Hazards and Risk Identification register daily of the hall, dining and toilet areas that the children use while in our care.
You may be required to provide evidence of your child(ren)’s inoculation records.

Carpe Diem Kids is about providing a caring environment for your children and we wish to encourage a similar attitude amongst the children. We do not condone any form of discrimination amongst the children or adults associated with the programme. Any issues or information should be discussed in the first instance with the programme manager or the director. Our ‘Code of Conduct’ is kept in the ‘On-Site’ Folder. 

Carpe Diem Kids behaviour management procedures are in line with OSCAR approved procedures and similar to the policy of the host primary school. This is documented and available to view in the on site folder.
Our policy is to ensure our environment is a safe and happy place for everyone involved. We maintain an emphasis on being polite, considerate and co-operative.
Our rules and codes of conduct, which we expect the children to follow, are explained to the children.
If we experience behavioural problems with a child the parent will be contacted and consulted in regards to behavioural management. If a parent has any questions or complaints on this subject please contact the manager, do not discuss these matters with staff members while the programme is in progress. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate a child’s enrolment if there are unresolved behaviour issues.

If a child attending the programme becomes unwell or upset we will contact the authorised people listed on the ‘Child Information and Registration’ sheet for them to pick up the child(ren) as soon as possible. Please keep children who are unwell at home until recovered, as we do not have the facility to look after sick children.
If a child has been booked into the programme but does not attend due to sickness, please contact the programme manager or area manager before 2.00pm that day.

At all times there is a fully stocked first-aid kit and a trained staff member present on site. However, if we are concerned about a child we may call a parent to pick that child up.
If a serious accident occurs our policy is to ensure the safety and well being of the child first. This may mean an ambulance or other appropriate form of medical help is sort before the parent is called. We do not transport children to parents, doctors or hospitals.
All accidents and incidents are recorded in our Accident and Incident book. Important notes and records of children that are taking medication are also recorded in this book.
Please advise the programme of any medication that is to be administered by the programme staff.
Evacuation procedures will be displayed, followed and practised once a term. These procedures are directly linked to the Primary School. Only bags, which contain medication, will be evacuated with the children. If this is relevant to your child please inform Carpe Diem Kids on the enrolment form (regular medication) and verbally to the programme manager, so that we separate these bags. Please ask for the policy on “Children carrying Medication” and go over it with your child.
Civil Defence procedures will be followed in the appropriate circumstances. The practice of these procedures will also be conducted once per term and will be recorded in the Fire and Earthquake Drill log book.

Where a child is distressed or upset and indicates that they may require comforting, our staff may touch your child(ren) in a reassuring manner. Our staff will always conduct themselves in a safe, public and professional manner, but will not turn away a child that needs comforting.
Please ask for more information and or discuss with the manager if you have any questions or requests.

All of the Carpe Diem Kids services are committed to the prevention of child abuse with the safety, welfare and well being of the children always the prime consideration.
Carpe Diem Kids and staff will respond to suspicions of child abuse by maintaining a good relationship with the child, recording all observations, impressions and communications.
No one staff member will act alone, with any action taken only after consultation with the manager. Advice will be sought from the appropriate authority, such as the Police or the Child Youth and Family Services. Instructions given by the appropriate authority will be followed and acted upon.


We designate approximately 15 to 30 minutes per day for homework help and reading assistance. We do not do the homework for the children, and if research material is required then the children will need to bring it with them. As we do not have free run of the school grounds and children are at all times supervised, they will be unable to access the school library after 3.00pm.
We are only able to help the children if we know what their homework is, that they have homework or assignment sheets and the relevant material required to complete their homework. We are not held responsible for the completion of homework, checking bags, etc, where a child insists they do not have homework.
If there are any issues regarding homework please contact the programme or area manager outside of programme hours.
If a child has special needs please ensure the programme manager is aware and the information is included on the Enrolment form.

Afternoon tea is provided and is included in the fee structure. Generally the food provided will be a sandwich with spread, cheese , fresh fruit and juice or water. Noodles are provided once a week, scones or muffins on certain days.  This can be changed, particularly where there is the opportunity to adjust it to fit with a theme day. On the days that a variation occurs the food normally provided will still be available.
If your child has any allergies or you do not want your child to participate please include this on the ‘Child Information and Registration’ sheet or advise the programme manager or area manager.

Carpe Diem Kids staff endeavour to remind and assist children about their personal belongings. We encourage personal responsibility by the children and do not accept responsibility for any items of clothing or otherwise lost or left in the school grounds.
Unnamed property left on site will be handed into the school to add to their lost property at the end of each week.

As an organisation we welcome the feedback of any parent, care giver or member of the Carpe Diem Kids community or host of our programme. It is our intention to deliver the best service and customer satisfaction within the standards and guidelines of our service provision.
Please notify the programme manager that there is something you wish to discuss with them or bring to their attention. This can be done verbally or in written form.
The programme manager will follow up as soon as the matter is brought to their attention outside of the programme hours.
If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction or it is inappropriate to raise it with the programme manager in the first instance it should be escalated to the manager.

Our programme ratios are 1 staff member for every 10 children. 

All Carpe Diem Kids staff undergo a recruitment and training process that involves Police Vetting (updated every 2 years), First Aid Training, Occupational Health and Safety, Behaviour Management, Carpe Diem Kids systems and performance reviews. At least 2 referees must be provided.

If there area any questions or comments regarding Carpe Diem Kids staff please contact Vinita White.

HOLIDAY PROGRAMME  Terms and Conditions

All fees need to be paid a week in advance to ensure placement on the following week’s programme. Fees are payable for days booked, irrespective of attendance. We have a NO REFUND policy once the holidays start.


1. I acknowledge and bear the responsibility and risk to my child participating in the activities. I have explained to my child the need to follow safety instructions, remain in areas designated by staff and refrain from behaviour that could cause injury.
2. I acknowledge that any wilful damage to equipment or property that has been caused by my child will incur an additional charge.
3. I give permission for my child to participate in the activities. Recognising that the staff will do their best to ensure a safe experience. I acknowledge that Carpe Diem Kids staff will be free and clear of all liability in the event that any injury, damage or loss sustained by my child or to Personal effects. In the event of any sickness or accident, I request that qualified medical Attention is obtained at my expense and that I be notified on one of the above numbers promptly.
4. I realise that I am required to sign my child/ren in and out of the programme daily and that I should notify the staff if someone else is to collect my child.
5. I agree to pay fees as stipulated in the fees policy. All  fees are payable by the end of this holiday period. If the account is not paid within 30 days after an invoice has been issued, I understand that I will be referred to a debt recovery agency  and I will then be liable to pay a  charge equal to 25% of the unpaid portion of the invoice amount and other legal and collections costs not covered by the fee. The minimum fee will be $25. Fees are payable for days booked, irrespective of
attendance. We have a NO REFUND policy once the holidays start.
I have read, understood and approved the information above and policies.