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At Cammeray Hot Shots we offer a great way for kids to learn tennis in a fun, challenging environment. We offer before and after school classes, weekend classes, Holiday programs and Hot Shots Tournaments.

Our Hot Shots team and coaches are Qualified coaches by Tennis Australia and our aim is to improve every child’s physical skills, introduce different techniques, boost their confidence, develop teamwork and let kids enjoy Tennis as a sport for Life. Most important in our programs is that all children participate at their own level while they are active and having lots of fun.

Kids play on smaller courts with modified equipment to make it easier, and more fun to progress. We have lighter racquets, lower nets, and tennis balls that don’t bounce too high – so they are easier to hit and chase down.

Our program develops kids mentally, and physically. A child’s early years are when fine motor skills are developed, and tennis is amazing for developing coordination, speed, strength, and agility. For the older ones, Orange & Green squads are an excellent way to improve their skills, technique and fitness.

Cammeray Hot Shots is above all – FUN! Kid develop their social and problem-solving skills while playing in a team, and as individuals. Also, they learn how to cope with wins and loses fairly.

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Hot Shots Mon-Fri

Hot Shots offers a great way for kids to learn tennis in a fun, challenging environment before and after school.

Holiday programs

We offer Tennis and Multisports Holiday programs which are designed for every child, at every age and ability.

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