Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2020-04-28 18:47:55


Busy Bumbles - Terms and Conditions                                                                                    Updated April 2020

   Conditions of Enrolment:

  • A placement in one or more of our programmes is at the discretion of Busy Bumbles.
  • All enrolments must be made using our booking system Enrolmy.
  • You are responsible for ensuring your Enrolmy contact details and information Is up to date at all times.
·        If you have enrolled your child to take part in Homework supervision, it is your responsibility and your child’s to remember to bring their homework to the programme. Staff will do their upmost to ensure that homework is completed.


Payment of Fees:

·        Fees are as advertised but are subject to change. We will give at least 1 months’ notice of any fee changes.

·        Extra sessions can be added at the casual enrolment fees.

·        Full fees are charged for all absences. If one weeks’ notice is received in writing there is 50% charge.

·        A penalty fee of $10 is charged for any unnotified absences or in situations in which phone calls are made to determine the whereabouts of an unnotified absence.

·        You will be emailed an invoice each Monday in arrears. Fees are due within 7 days. Late payments incur a 10% penalty fee.

·        Payment can be made by Automatic Payment or credit card (3% surcharge applies). Please email the accounts manager to arrange. No cash or cheques will be accepted at the venues.

·        If you fail to pay the fees by the due date on the invoice or as arranged with the accounts Manager, your child may be suspended from the programme and you will become liable for all collection and/or enforcement fees which will be advised to you in writing.

·        Charges are applied as advised on enrolment. For example, if you have booked your child in until 6.00pm, you will be charged for this time regardless of when you pick them up. (This is because staff are rostered on and paid according to the session times)

·        If you do not collect your child by the time you have booked you will be charged the difference between the 1st and 2nd session.

·        If you do not collect your child by 6pm when we close, you will be charged $50 plus $1 per minute until your child is picked up.

·        Any alterations to Holiday Programme bookings made will incur a $20 admin fee. Cancellations must be made in writing to the Busy Bumbles office with at least two weeks’ notice before the first day of your holiday booking, otherwise full payment must still be made. Venue staff cannot accept verbal cancellations.

·        I understand that payments must be made before the start of the holiday programme and I am responsible for any fees and will meet any shortfall from WINZ subsidies.

·        If Busy Bumbles is unable to open due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. snow, Earthquake etc) the payment of fees is still required,

·        Fees are payable on public holidays that fall during school term time.

·        When applying for a WINZ subsidy, full fees are payable until all paperwork has been completed and submitted to WINZ for processing. I understand that I am responsible to pay my fees weekly in advance and I am responsible for any short fall after the subsidy has been granted. I understand that it is my responsibility to have all paperwork completed and returned before the due date.


Health and Safety:

·        The Programme Manager has permission to arrange any urgent medical treatment if needed, at your cost.

·        You agree to always pick up your child by the time you have advised and if you are unable to make it there by then, you will need to inform the Supervisor of who will be collecting your child.

·        If your child does not arrive at the programme, we will take the following action: Go to the school office and check with them, search the school playground and classrooms, ring you on all numbers supplied. Then ring the emergency numbers and failing that ring the police and report your child missing. This procedure ensures that we are quick to identify if your child is safe.

·        You give permission for staff to apply basic first aid and sunscreen to your child.

·        You will complete a medical consent form if your child requires staff to administer any medication while in our care.

·        I give permission for my child to be given medical attention if required and will be responsible for any additional costs involved.

·        I will ensure that I keep my child/rens medial information up to date in Enrolymy and inform us of any changes.

·        Please keep us informed as to the identity of the persons who will be collecting your child, by listing their details on your Enrolmy account.

·        You consent to Busy Bumbles discussing your child with any relevant parties for matters relating to their behaviour, health and safety. This will allow us to provide a collaborative approach to any issue.

·        Children may be transported in our Busy Bumbles minivan. A van transport policy is available to view if requested.


Termination of Place:

·        Two weeks’ notice must be given in writing if you wish to end your child's place on the programme. Failure to provide the required notice may incur a fee equivalent to two weeks’ full-time fees for your child’s programme/s. We may be unable to change bookings during Term time due to numbers and ratios. More than one change during Term time will incur a $20 admin fee.

·        Any bookings for the new term are not guaranteed until fees for the current term are paid in full.

·        Busy Bumbles has a zero tolerance to bullying, hitting and inappropriate language and disruption to the programme. If your child consistently fails to follow reasonable directions, (and for example is sent to the Thinking Wall more than once in a Term or has repeated behaviour issues over a number of Terms) they may be removed from the programme and no refund will be given for fees paid.

·        Where appropriate, immediate removal from the programme may occur if the demonstrated behaviour is of a type previously identified or of such significance that it is in the best interest of the other users of the programme or for the programme itself.


‘The Fine Print’

·        Whilst effort will be made to conclude any dispute in a consultative manner and to the satisfaction of all parties, ultimately in the event of an agreement not being reached the decision of Busy Bumbles management will be final.

·        All and any associated costs &/or fees due to Busy Bumbles in the operation, collection and enforcement of the Busy Bumbles terms and conditions by Busy Bumbles or their agents, will be met by the parent/caregiver who enrolled them.

·        The address provided by the parent/caregiver in Enrolmy, shall be deemed their 'address for service' of any letter or document unless another address is advised to Busy Bumbles in writing (and the new address is acknowledged by Busy Bumbles).

·        Service will be deemed to be fulfilled for any document sent by normal mail, 2 days after mailing.

·        It is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to inform Busy Bumbles of any address change in Enrolmy.

·        If a child causes damage to Busy Bumbles premises or property that we are using, this will result in the cost of repairs being added to the parent/caregivers account.

·        I agree to pay for damage willfully caused by my child.

·        I understand my child is responsible for his/her property.

·        I understand that all staff are screened, trained and are gaining appropriate experience for the job they do, and Busy Bumbles complies with Health and Safety Policies and the National Oscar Standards.  However, accidents do happen, and I will not hold Busy Bumbles responsible for genuine mishaps.