Terms And Conditions

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Guidelines for Drama Class
Please arrive to class 5 min early.
Please send your child to drama in comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.
Please bring a water bottle. 
Please remind younger children to visit the toilet before class.

Open Classes and Showings
Parents are welcome to watch the first class, but after that please drop off your children and collect them at the end of class. This helps us create a focussed environment where the children don't feel the pressure of an audience. 
We will run Open Classes once a term that you are welcome to attend and observe. 
Photos and videos are only allowed to be taken on Open Class days.
We will work towards a public showing of the students' work in Term 3. 

Bring a Friend Week
Week 3 of each term is "Bring a Friend" week. Students are invited to bring a friend (of appropriate class age) to try a Brickworks drama class for free!  This policy does not apply in Term 3.

 Missed Classes
Please let us know if your child will be absent (no refunds or make-up sessions for missed

Please let us know who (besides the parent/caregiver) is authorised to pick up your child. If
someone else is picking them up, or they are making their way home independently, please
let us know.

Behavioural Guidelines
Brickworks students are expected to:
  • Respect and listen to tutors and their classmates
  • Participate in class according to the tutor's instruction
  • Refrain from uninvited and unwelcome physical contact with classmates and tutors
  • Verbally communicate with classmates and tutors in a respectful manner
If the tutor, a classmate or a parent has concerns with the behaviour of a student (their child or someone else's) Lauren or Natascha will
make a time to speak in person with the student's parent or caregiver to try to resolve the matter. If the behaviour continues the parent or caregiver will be notified in an email, and the student given another chance (if deemed appropriate). If the behaviour continues subsequent to this step, the student will be removed from the class to either: a) take a break from drama for the rest of the term, returning the next term if deemed appropriate; or b) moved to a different class if deemed appropriate.

Please make payment for the term ($110) by the end of Week 2. Payment details: 
Brickworks Drama School
*Remember to add your child’s name as a reference
The credit card option is not yet available. We’ll add this preference via Enrolmy soon.

Free trial class
If our child is interested in drama, but unsure, you are welcome to try one class for free. The second time your child attends, you will need to enrol and pay the term's fees. We do not offer refunds if you discontinue classes partway through the term or go away on holiday, missing classes.  

 Re-enrolment process
Please make sure that you pre-enrol for each term. There is no automatic re-enrolment for our regular students

Guidelines for the Holiday Workshops

Timetable for the Workshops
Each workshop is a self-contained day with a central theme. Our aim is to provide an exciting day where children will enhance their confidence, communication skills and teamwork through games and exercises taught by an experienced tutor and tutor's assistant. Each day will be divided as follows:

9:00 – 10:30am
"Get-to-know-each-other" and warm-up activities that introduce the theme of the day. 
Introductions and explanation of the Holiday Workshop rules.

10:30 – 10:45am
Morning  tea

10:45 – 12:20pm
First round of games and exercises around the day's theme. Exploration of ideas to develop for the end-of-day showing.

12:20 – 1:00pm
Lunch and free time.

1:00 – 2:30pm
Second round of games and exercises. Short craft activity related to the day's theme. Rehearsal for end-of-day showing.

2:30 – 3:00pm
Showcase for parents and caregivers 
Notes for parents and caregivers
·        Please send your child with a packed morning tea, lunch and a water bottle. Brickworks does not provide meals and snacks. 
·        Please send your child along in comfortable clothes that are easy to move in. Please send them with a hat and apply sunblock in the warmer            seasons. 
·       Parents and caregivers are welcome to watch the 30 minute showcase at 2.30pm. This is not compulsory but you are welcome to come along        and enjoy the children’s work.
·        Parents are not expected to stay during the day. This helps us create a focussed environment where the children will interact with their peers        more freely.
·        Photos and videos are allowed to be taken during the 2.30pm showcase.

Tutors and assistants
Brickworks drama tutors, Lauren, Marlon and Natascha will run the workshops each day. We’ll have one tutor and one assistant per group (if there are more than 10 students per group). The assistants are senior secondary and tertiary students with drama training, who will assist us with drama activities, craft activities and supervision during the breaks.

Medical Conditions Policies and Procedures

Illness and Emergencies
Please make sure you have given us details of an emergency contact person. If your child
becomes ill during class, we will call their parent / caregiver to pick them up. If they cannot
be reached, we will call the emergency contact. If neither contact can be reached, a
Brickworks staff member will take the necessary actions for the well-being of your child. In
the event of an emergency, 111 will be called. 

 Special Needs
Please make sure you have notified us of any medical conditions, allergies or special needs
your child has. Brickworks Drama School is inclusive. Open communication with families
helps us create a positive environment for every student.  

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to email us or
chat to the tutor at the end of class. Our website will be updated with Term Dates for the
year and other links and information, as it becomes available.