About Brickworks Drama School

Brickworks Drama School (named after the old brickworks of Te Atatu Peninsula) was born out of the 2015 "Pop the Top" Community Festival. Three theatre professionals (Natascha Diaz, Lauren Jackson and Marlon Ortiz) put together a programme of 10 community classes and were met with such a great response we decided to continue!

Our Philosophy

At Brickworks Drama we believe each student has a unique voice and powerful imagination. All our tutors are qualified theatre practitioners (and parents!). We focus on building confidence and skill to let our students’ creativity shine. We value the creative process as much as the excitement of sharing a performance. Brickworks Drama students experience both, by developing skills in class with opportunities for end-of-term performances.

Classes guide students through all aspects of drama, and are tailored to each age group. Numbers are limited to create a fun and focussed experience.

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Students explore...

- voice and sound - creative movement - dramatic play - improvisation - stagecraft - script analysis - characters

Drama helps students

- understand themselves and their world - express themselves - develop empathy - support others - develop curiosity

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