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Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2016-01-12 12:37:34

  1. Welcome to the BOYD Basketball Academy! The safety of our student-athletes is our primary concern.
  2. Below, you will find a list of general rules and expectations. Individual students may have more specific rules for you to follow.  All BOYD Ballers must adherence to these rules is critical to making our academy safe, rewarding and fun for all participants.
  3. Follow all instructions of  staff and immediately consult Coach Adrian if you are uncertain about these instructions.
  4. BOYD Ballers Expectations
  5. BOYD Ballers should notify a coach as soon as any problem arises, big or small. BOYD staff are
  6. available to help you at all times. (A Baller may also text the word HELP, their location and the issue that
  7. they are having to 022 3212693.)
  8. Follow the sessions schedule  and report on time for all sessions.
  9. Participate in all scheduled activities (including  meals). Only the Chief Executive Officer may grant permission
  10. to be excused from a BOYD activity.
  11. Keep your coach informed of your whereabouts at all times. Students may only be in designated areas.
  12. If you are attending sessions or camp as a resident/overnight, keep your room and hallway clean.
  13. All BOYD Ballers must behave appropriately and observe all rules.
  14. Lock your room whenever you leave, even for a short time. College Rifles/BOYD Basketball Academy is not responsible for Ballers’ lost or stolen items (residential camps).
  15. Bring all equipment that is required to participate in sessions. Label all personal belongings and equipment.
  16. Follow the instructions of police, fire and other emergency personnel.
  17. Behaviors not permitted:
  18. Using profanity or inappropriate language whether it is written or verbal.
  19. Leaving the training area as designated by the Chief Executive Officer.  Students are not permitted to walk freely around the school grounds or surrounding areas. If your parent is picking you up prior to the completion of any training session (day or term), you must notify and give the Chief Executive Officer a note from your parents in advance.
  20. Visitors are not permitted in sessions without Coaches Approval. Spectators are only permitted to watch training sessions from designated public areas.
  21. Possession and/or consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances.
  22. Possession of matches, lighters, hot plates, kettles, fireworks, lethal weapons or other objects that the Chief Executive Officer considers dangerous.
  23. Possession and/or distribution of indecent or inappropriate literature or images.
  24. Tampering with fire alarms, safety, or security equipment.
  25. Inappropriate use of a cell phone during camp – phone may be confiscated for the duration of camp.
  26. Damaging or stealing or other people’s personal property. Dorm rooms are inspected prior to check-in, immediately following checkout, and at any other time deemed necessary by the staff. The cost of repairing any damages to the room and/or furniture will be billed to the camper.Camp fees do not cover payment for any lost or stolen items. Campers will be billed the cost for any lost keys, linens, etc.
  27. Harassment, bullying or intimidation of other students or staff. Hazing is strictly forbidden!
  28. Behavior considered inappropriate by camp staff.
  29. Excessive noise or horseplay.
  30. Entering residence hall rooms other than your own without permission. You may only sleep in your assigned dorm room.
  31. Permitting any unauthorized person to enter a camp dorm building.
  32. Moving furniture in any dorm or other  building.
  33. Girls are not permitted in boys’ dorm rooms and boys are not permitted in girls’ dorm rooms.
  34. Removing food, glassware, utensils, or any other items from the dining commons or other dining areas.
  35. Violations of federal/state laws, university or departmental rules.
Remember, while unacceptable conduct is not anticipated from campers, a violation of any camp rule or expectation could result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from camp. A parent or guardian will be notified if a student participant is disciplined or dismissed from camp.
Refunds will not be issued to students dismissed from sessions for disciplinary reasons.
                                 Let’s follow the Rules and Let’s Have Fun!