About Bounce OSC

Bounce OSC has been operating in Levin for over 10 years to deliver a high quality of care for children with working parents. The Bounce programmes provides appropriate activities and a home-like environment for different aged children by splitting them into groups by their school year; with the Jays and Kowhai Houses at 26 Victoria St for our year 0-4 children and Bounce Showgrounds located in the Showgrounds Events Park at the end of Victoria St for our year 4-10 children. The Bounce Team expects the children to follow their ABC's (this is achieving Bounce character) when at the programmes, off-site and in our Bounce vans.

Bounce OSC aims to provide a safe environment where children feel free to explore and develop their interests through a variety of fun activities. These range from outdoor sports and challenges to quiet small group games, as well as arts, crafts and a selection of card and board games for children to play during free time. These activities help children enjoy new experiences, teach them valuable social skills and allow them to discover their own hidden potential.

The ZFCT (Zion Family Centre Trust) was established in 2003. It is a community-based organisation dedicated to equip young people with important skills they can take with them wherever they go in life. ZFCT saw the need for an after school service to provide care for children while their parents were working or studying and started Bounce OSC. The Bounce programmes are all MSD approved and the OSCAR Subsidy from WINZ may be available; check the OSCAR Subsidy rates on the Work and Income website.

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Our ABC's

Always listen to your leaders. Be kind and don’t use put-downs. Care for each other and our space.

School Holiday Care

Bounce runs a Holiday Programme every weekday from 7am-6pm during the School Holidays. Contact us now for any enquiries.

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