Terms And Conditions

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This is a summary of the main points of interest to parents and caregivers taken from our policies and procedures.  Please ask staff for a copy of the full set of documents so you can familiarize yourself with the full policies and procedures.  By signing the enrolment form you are accepting our terms and conditions and operating policies and procedures.  These terms and conditions relate to the Before School Care (BSC) programme, After School Care (ASC) programme and School Holiday (SHP) programme.
Please notify staff of any known absences as soon as possible.  There is a 24 hour answerphone service on 09 444 8006.  You can also reach office staff Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm on 09 443 0231 who can pass on messages.  Where messages need to be passed on outside of this time, please use the answerphone.
Please notify staff of absences for BSC by 7am of the day absent
Please notify staff of absences for ASC by midday of the day absent
Please notify staff of absences for SHP by 9am of the day absent
Enrolled children in the BSC and ASC programmes are eligible for up to 8 sick days per year without charge, as long as suitable notice has been given.  Failure to give adequate notice of absences will result in full charges.
No refunds or credits will be given to SHP programme absences given on the day absent.
The Bayview Community Centre is an OSCAR approved provider of out of school services with the Ministry of Social Development and is recognized by Work and Income as a recognized provider of childcare services. 
Ages of children
Our programmes are for children aged between 5 and 13 years old.
Behaviour management
Staff reserve the right to exclude children from activities where their behaviour is deemed unacceptable.  The Centre has a zero tolerance policy for physical violence and the parent or guardian of any child displaying violence will be informed of incidents and action taken by staff on the day of the incident by the Supervisor or Centre Manager. 
Community Centre staff will do all they can to work with children and their parents and caregivers to encourage engagement and positive behaviour.  However continued incidents of unacceptable behaviour that create health and safety risks, may result in children being asked to leave the programme either on a temporary or permanent basis.
Child protection
Bayview Community Centre staff have a responsibility to report any concerns relating to the welfare and safety of children attending the programme, any siblings or other members of the community that staff come into contact with as normal course of their operations.  Staff will in the first instance raise their concerns with the Supervisor or Centre Manager and these senior members of staff will then make a decision about reporting the concerns or observations to the relevant authorities.
Collecting children
All children must be collected by a parent or guardian (aged over 17) listed on the child’s enrolment form.  No children will be released to anyone not listed on the enrolment form.  Where children have authority to make their own way from the programme, this permission must be given in writing by the parent or guardian before the child will be released.
The parent or guardian must sign the child out with the time they left.  Failure to do so will result in the charge being set to the final closing time of the programme (e.g. 6pm for ASC).
Compliments and complaints
The Centre does operate an open door policy and we do ask that parents provide feedback on the programmes that we run.  We ask that you undertake a quick survey once a year but if at any point in time you are really happy, or unhappy about the service, please do raise this with the Supervisor in the first instance or alternatively to the Centre Manager (Rachael) on 09 443 0231 or bayview_manager@xtra.co.nz
Children are welcome to bring devices to the Centre but there will only be limited time that they can be used for.  This will be fully supervised, only one child per device and no sharing or swapping of devices and quiet activities only.  The Centre takes no responsibility for loss or damage of any device and reserves the right to withhold device privileges as part of behaviour management.  We recommend that you ensure your household insurance policy covers devices brought to the centre.
Dropping off children
A parent or guardian (over the age of 17) is required to sign in children being dropped off at BSC or SHP and write a time of arrival.
Emergency contacts
Please provide two different emergency contacts on the enrolment information.  These people will be contacted if we can’t reach the parent or guardian in an emergency (e.g. accident/missing child/late pick up).
Parents or guardians are responsible for enrolling children through our online booking service at www.enrolmy.com.   Community Centre staff have limited ability to alter or amend enrolments and the responsibility for correct enrolments and keeping contact information correct, remains with parents and guardians.  We also ask that a parent or guardian signs a paper copy of the enrolment form for our records.
Casual bookings will only be taken if space is available on the programme and cannot be guaranteed.
The BSC charges are:
·        $10 for drop off between 7.00am and 7.30am
·        $7 for drop off between 7.30am and 8.45am
These charges are for enrolled children, casual rates are $1 extra per session
The ASC charges are:
·        $7 for pick up between 3.00pm and 4.00pm
·        $10 for pick up between 4.00pm and 5.00pm
·        $12 for pick up between 5.00pm and 6.00pm
These charges are for enrolled children, casual rates are $1 extra per session
The SHP charges are:
·        $28 per day for bookings made and paid for at least 1 week before the start of the programme
·        $33 per day for bookings made and paid for less than 1 week before the start of the programme, or for casual attendance
Trip fees may apply on top of these charges for activities run at the centre or off site, please refer to the schedule of activities for more information as they vary each holiday.
Staff will NOT accept children before the advertised start of the programmes to enable them time to set up and ensure there is adequate staffing.
Where children are booked to attend BSC from 7.30am, extra charges will be made where the child is dropped more than 5 minutes early.
Where children are booked to attend ASC and are picked up after their enrolled time, they will be charged for the additional hour (e.g. a booked pick up of 4.00pm taking place at 4.20pm will incur a cost for enrolment to 5.00pm). 
Where children have not been collected at the closing time of the ASC or SHP, late fees will be charged at a rate of $15 for the first 15 minutes and then $1 per minute after this.
First Aid
Children take risks as part of their learning and are exposed to low level risks at the Centre.  Whilst staff do all they can to minimize these risks, accidents may happen from time to time. 
Where possible, injuries and accidents will be treated by First Aid trained members of staff on duty immediately.  Where an injury is more serious, or there is concern that treatment has not been enough (e.g. with a possible head injury) then staff will seek further medical advice and treatment if deemed necessary. 
Every effort will be made to reach a parent or other emergency contact where a serious injury has occurred but lack of contact with a parent or guardian will not prevent staff seeking further treatment or advice.  This may include (but not be limited by); calling an ambulance, taking the child for emergency medical treatment, contacting their regular GP or taking them to hospital.  Where a child is taken off site, 2 staff members will go with the child if the parent or emergency contact person is not able to take the child.
If a child falls ill during the programme (in particular vomiting or diarrhea) staff may take the decision to isolate the child and contact parents to ask them to collect the child.  Staff will review reports from a child of feeling unwell on a case by case basis and make decisions based on the severity of the condition and also the child’s overall demeanour.  We prefer that unwell children are not brought to the programme until they are well enough to attend to prevent the further spread of any illness to other children or staff.
Hours of operation
The BSC programme operates 7.00am to 8.45am during term time
The ASC programme operates 3.00pm to 6.00pm during term time
The SHP operates 7.45am to 5.30pm during school holidays
Late pick ups
Where the programme has finished and a child is still at the Centre, two staff will remain on site and the Supervisor will phone the parent / guardian and if they cannot be reached the staff member will work through the emergency contacts to try and reach someone to collect the child.  Phone calls will continue to be made until a named adult has been reached.
If there has been no contact with a named adult one hour after the closing of the programme then the child will be taken to the local police station and a note will be left at the Community Centre.
Missing child
If a child does not arrive at a programme and the Supervisor has not received notification of absence, they will check with the parents and emergency contacts.  If the child does not arrive at the after school programme then staff will check with the school to see if the child was absent.
Where a child does not arrive and parents or emergency contacts cannot be reached within one hour of the start of the programme (or after 10am for school holiday programme) then the Centre Manager will be informed and local Police may be contacted if deemed necessary.  Staff will continue to try and reach contacts throughout this time.
Payment of fees
Parents and guardians of children who are enrolled in the BSC and ASC programmes will be invoiced weekly in arrears but payments are expected to be paid weekly in advance.  Casual attendance will be accepted, space allowing, at BSC and ASC and fees need to be paid within one calendar week of attendance.
Parents and guardians of children enrolled in the SHP will be invoiced and expected to pay the full fees at least one week before the start of the programme.  Casual attendance at SHP will be accepted where payment is made at the time the child is dropped off, or in the week leading up to the holiday programme.
Nonpayment of fees may result in debts being passed to a third party to recover debts.  Any expenses incurred in the process will also be passed to the parent or guardian.  Bayview Community Centre reserves the right to cancel the enrolment of any child where fees are not being paid in a timely manner.
Payments can be made online to the following bank account:
Bayview Community Centre 12-3072-0376916-03 using the child’s name as reference.
Policies and procedures
A full copy of our policies and procedures are available at the programmes for you to look at.  Please feel free to look through these and let us know any comments you may have.
Special needs
Where a child enrolling in a programme has any higher, or special needs, including allergies, regular medication or learning or behavioural differences it is the parent’s responsibility to inform staff of this, including any management techniques, triggers to avoid or care required.  The Centre will do all it can to accommodate all children in our programmes but does reserve the right to refuse or later terminate an enrolment where a child’s needs or behaviour endanger other children or staff, require a higher level of supervision that current ratios allow or pose a health and safety risk to others.
Statutory holidays
Where a statutory holiday falls on a day that before and after school care would normally occur then children that are normally enrolled on that day of the week will be charged for attendance. 
Weather wise
The Centre operates a sun safe programme and encourages all children to bring hats with them in the summer months (start of October holidays through to the end of April holidays).  Staff will ensure children apply sunscreen before having any significant amount of time outside.  During the winter months, children should come in appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.