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Artrageous Winter Creativity Quest - July Holidays 2024

Mt Cook, Wellington

Sat, 6 Jul 2024 to Sun, 21 Jul 2024

8:30am - 5:15pm

Age 5 to 12

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Activity Details

PONEKE DOJO | Poneke Dojo, Prince of Wales Park, Salisbury Tce, Mt Cook, Wellington

From $79.00 to $94.00 per session
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Run by ArtrageousKids

Every time a child walks into an arts workshop or classroom there is the possibility that she or he will have a powerful learning experience. At Artrageous, we strive to make this happen by following the most important precept we know:
In order to do this we focus on student engagement, exploration, ownership, and most importantly, FUN. When our students are engaged they are happy and learning and we are too!
Our classes provide a space for all children to explore at their own pace; chaotic or careful, gingerly or with gusto, tiptoeing or tromping. Our aim is to draw out their creativity, not stuff things in!
Artrageous Winter Creativity Quest will be filled with loads of creative fun and excitement, with some outdoor activities and our usual creative messy explorations.

PONEKE DOJO | Poneke Dojo, Prince of Wales Park, Salisbury Tce, Mt Cook, Wellington


Artrageous Winter Programme for Enrolmy - July Kids 2024 Download Now (5.56 Mb)

Activity Details

What to bring

  • FOOD and a drink bottle! Pack way more than you think they need for the day including afternoon tea
  • A drink bottle! Creating is thirsty work
  • Old clothes you don't mind getting messy
  • A box or bucket to bring your child's art work home in (it may be wet)
  • A warm jacket in case we head outside
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