About artKids Australia Pty Ltd

Our convenient onsite (or nearby hall) after-school classes means parents don't need to leave work to ferry children to extra-curricula activities. Parents can enjoy the eternal gratitude of happy children, learning and developing art-making skills with friends in a fun, safe, supportive, creative environment.

Each class begins with a drawing warm up activity and leads into a one- or two-week project. Over the course of a term, we cover a wide range of mediums - pencil, charcoal, chalk and oil pastels, watercolour and acrylic paints, clay, sculpture, collage - giving kids the opportunity to explore and experiment. Each fortnight our project focuses on a particular skill, technique, artist or art movement. There is scope within the projects for children to follow their own interests and as they develop, they can choose the mediums they work with.

We strongly believe in supporting each other and we developed our artKids art agreement with our students well-being in mind:

1. There are no mistakes or flops in art, only 'flopportunities'!
2. I am unique and on my own art journey - I don't compare myself to others.
3. I use kind, positive, supportive words about my own art and other's art - and I accept kind words too.
4. I draw only on my own artwork - unless I have asked my friends to collaborate.

Students are taught in a context of art appreciation, learning how to 'read' and interpret artworks through games and other visual stimuli.

Our artKids Art Tutors are practising artists themselves, sharing their knowledge, skills and experience of living art with our artKids children. Our Tutors and Assistants have current Working With Vulnerable People cards and First Aid certification.

Not sure if your child will like it? Contact us to ararnge a single, once-off paid Trial class before you commit to the term.

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After-school classes

Convenient onsite or nearby art classes 3 - 5 pm. Fee covers all materials, light snack and GST. No extra costs.

Saturday & Vacation

Saturday artKids Juniors, Intermediate, Realistic Drawing, Anime Cartooning and artTeens. School Holiday Program too!

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