Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2018-11-20 13:09:32

To keep your booking and tennis experience as easy and straight forward as possible, it’s important you take a little time to read the following “Terms & Conditions of Service” to understand how ADVANTAGE TENNIS manages its tennis coaching services , including tots2tennis

ADVANTAGE TENNIS customers accept the following terms and conditions by completing and signing the enrolment form:
1. Children’s classes & Adult courses are payable by the term in advance 
2. Make‐up classes will be provided for classes that are missed due to Public Holidays or illness. If a public holiday falls on your scheduled class day, or you have fallen ill for a session, you can contact your Coach to enquire about the possibility of a make‐up class. Up to two ‘Make Up lessons’ per term (maximum) are permitted if there is space in another equivalent class.
3.  Changing between classes may be permitted at the discretion of ADVANTAGE TENNIS admin, provided there is sufficient space in the required class and that any additional costs are paid.
1. I have voluntarily accepted and assumed the inherent risk or danger of injury in playing tennis and associated activities. 
2. In the event of an accident or illness where I am not present, if considered advisable by Advantage Tennis staff, I request that medical attention be secured at my expense and prompt notification be sent to me.
3. I declare my child is medically and physically fit and does not suffer from any injury disease or condition, either physical or mental that would affect his or her ability to safely participate in any authorised or recognised activities run by ADVANTAGE TENNIS. If I am unsure about this declaration, or my child does suffer from such a condition I have listed it on the ADVANTAGE TENNIS Enrolment Form or I am aware that I must bring it to the attention of the coaches immediately. 
4. I indemnify ADVANTAGE TENNIS from all claims, losses and expenses (including legal costs) suffered or incurred at any time as a result of, or resulting directly or indirectly from, myself or my child’s failure to observe the rules, policies, guidelines and reasonable directions of ADVANTAGE TENNIS staff members. 
5. I agree that ADVANTAGE TENNIS may from time to time use photographs, digital imaging or video media that may include my child, for the promotion of ADVANTAGE TENNIS. All media will be tastefully and respectfully used

PO O R  W E A T H E R  C A N C E L L AT I O N 
1. In the event of poor weather, customers are requested to contact the coach or refer to the ADVANTAGE TENNIS or TOTS 2 TENNIS facebook to enquire if the lesson will run as per normal or be cancelled. 
2. Decisions regarding lesson cancellations are under the sole discretion of the tennis coach responsible for the lesson. 
3. In the event of poor weather resulting in the cancellation of the lesson, a make-up lesson will be added on to the coaching term or another agreed scheduled time. 
4. In the event that there are multiple cancellations of lessons due to poor weather, a bulk group lessons will be offered equal to the total number of lessons cancelled. 
5. This group of lessons will fall within the current coaching term. 
6. NO credits will be forwarded onto the next coaching term. All cancelled lessons due to poor weather must be made up in the current coaching term. 
7. If pupils do not attend make up lessons, payment will not be refunded nor followed on to the next coaching term.
 8. In the event of poor weather resulting in the cancellation of the lesson once the lesson has commenced, full charge will apply, but we will endeavor to run the session indoors where appropriate (i.e. theory etc if necessary)