Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2020-06-21 14:22:09

Robotics Academy Rules

Robotics Academy was created to provide a safe, enjoyable, educational and always entertaining place for children to learn, play and interact with others. Parents or guardians must carefully review Robotics Academy Rules and will be held liable to abide by them. 

    1. Please be thoughtful for the rest of your group and ensure you arrive on time for each activity session. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will not be accepted to attend the class, and the fee will be forfeited.
    2. Parents and guardians may be charged for damage to or loss of property and equipment. If a child intentionally damages equipment, the parents/guardians must pay the costs.
    3. Robotics Academy will not accept liability for any personal injury, personal loss or damage to the venue, however, caused.
    4. Robotics Academy may suspend or terminate memberships of any member who: 
      1. Fails to pay fees on time;
      2. Breaches any provision of the Robotics Academy Rules;
      3. Harasses or disrupts normal club activities or any Member. Such judgment is at the sole discretion of the teacher, which shall be reasonably applied.
    5. Payment must be made in full in advance. No fee, no classes.
    6. In case a class is cancelled, parents/guardians will be informed in advance, and the money for that specific course will be refunded.
    7. In case a child is unable to attend a class, the parents/guardian must inform the teacher 24 hours in advance. A catch-up class will be offered in lieu.
    8. Be sure all personal items are labelled clearly with your full name or your child’s full name.
Robotics Academy strives to provide a caring, safe environment for children. These rules have been established to protect children from injury. Parents may be asked to remove their child if behaviour interferes with the wellbeing of other children. 

    1. The following behaviour is considered inappropriate: 
      1. Causing physical or emotional harm to another child or adult by hitting, biting, kicking, throwing or any other physical activity.
      2. Use of inappropriate language, spitting, or other forms of verbal abuse or degradation directed at other children or adults. 
      3. Repeat refusal to comply with staff requests or Robotics Academy rules. 
      4. Behaviour that is potentially harmful to themselves.
    2. Repeated inappropriate behaviour may result in child suspension from Robotics Academy for some time. The exact time frame will vary upon the severity of action at the discretion of the teacher.
    3. To maintain order, security and discipline, but also to avoid compromising the integrity of the child and of others, if the child demonstrates lack of control or does not obey the instructions of their teacher, we will have to contact the parent/guardian to remove their child.
    4. Parents would be notified at the time of pick up if any behaviour problems were reported and documented.

    1. Robotics Academy teacher must be informed of any allergies, and epi-pens must be provided. In case of an emergency, EpiPens may be left with the staff with directions.
    2. Robotics Academy is strictly a NUT FREE ZONE.
    3. In the case of severe illness or accident, the staff will attempt to contact the parent immediately. Please ensure that the telephone contact you have given is correct. If emergency treatment is required, an ambulance will be arranged without delay.
    4. No one on our staff can administer any medication to your child. The parent is responsible for delivering any medicines. 
    5. To maintain a healthy environment in Robotics Academy, please be considerate to others and refrain from bringing any children that are ill. If a child comes to Robotics Academy exhibiting symptoms such as a runny nose with colour, the parent will be called and asked to return when the child is not sick. Children with any colds, rashes, viruses, fevers or head lice will not be accepted in the Robotics Academy classes under any circumstances. If your child is too sick for school, they are also ill for Robotics Academy, too.

    1. No child is allowed to enter or leave Robotics Academy without adult supervision.
    2. Children will only be released to the parent or legal guardian who brought them to Robotics Academy. In case of an emergency when the parent or legal guardian cannot be reached, our staff will contact the persons indicated on the Emergency Contact Form.