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Adelaide Robotics and Computer Science Academy is a STEM Education Centre for students aged 8 to 18. We are an Australian educational organisation that provides Robotics, Drones, and Artificial Intelligence courses. Adelaide Robotics and Computer Science Academy offers various services, such as workshops, displays and incursions, to help students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this rapidly growing field. Our activities are designed to be hands-on and practical, allowing participants to apply what they learn in real-world scenarios. The focus is on providing students with a deep understanding of the technologies and concepts used in robotics and AI and the practical skills needed to program and control robots and computers.

As robotics and AI education leaders, we use various teaching methods, including lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, to help students learn and retain information. These activities allow participants to work with actual robots and AI models, giving them practical experience in programming, control systems, sensors, and actuators. The small class sizes and instructors’ personalised attention also help ensure that students receive the support they need to succeed. Join us if you want to pursue a career in Artificial Intelligence or Robotics and gain a deeper understanding of these technologies!

The Robotics and Drones Course: In our groundbreaking new course, we blend the intricacies of robotics with the dynamic field of programmable drone technology, offering students a unique opportunity to dive into two of the most cutting-edge areas in modern technology. The Robotics and Drones Course is designed for those passionate about exploring the realms of programmable machines, both on the ground and in the air.

This comprehensive program combines the best of both worlds: the well-established Robotics Course based on the Carnegie Mellon University Curriculum and the innovative Drones Syllabus. By integrating these two curriculums, we provide students with a holistic learning experience that encompasses the fundamentals of robotics and programming and extends to the exciting applications of drones in various industries.

Our course is structured to guide students through the complexities of building, programming, and controlling robots while expanding their horizons in the world of programmable drones. They will delve into the history of robots, understand their classification, and explore their growing role in modern society. The curriculum also includes rigorous training in Computational Thinking, problem-solving, and real-world project-based learning.

In the Drones segment, students will discover the thrill of programming Tello drones and learning through interactive experiences that combine Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Vision. This innovative approach enables them to see theoretical concepts come to life as drones fly and respond to their programming skills.

As students progress, they will face challenges that mimic real-life scenarios, such as crisis management simulations, Mars exploration, and urban planning projects. These exercises foster innovation, adaptability, and teamwork, preparing students for a future where robotics and drone technology play a pivotal role across various industries.

Upon course completion, students can take an optional exam, and successful candidates receive a certificate from Carnegie Mellon University. This course is not just a learning journey but a gateway to future career opportunities in numerous fields where robotics and drone technology are revolutionising how we work and live.

Our Computer Science Course is a transformative journey in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity. This newly designed course is tailored for students who aspire to be at the forefront of technological innovation and digital security. The curriculum provides an in-depth exploration of AI’s wonders and critical cybersecurity skills, preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow’s tech landscape. Prerequisites: completion of the Robotics and Drones Course or demonstrated knowledge of Python programming language.

In the Artificial Intelligence component, students will embark on an adventure through the ever-evolving world of AI. From the basic principles of machine learning to the advanced concepts of deep learning, the curriculum is crafted to ignite curiosity and foster innovation. Students will explore various AI applications, such as computer vision, project management, and disaster resilience. Practical projects will range from face recognition systems to intelligent surveillance, offering hands-on experience with real-world implications.

The Cybersecurity module complements the AI component by equipping students with the skills to navigate and secure the digital world. The course covers fundamental topics like text manipulation, network analysis, and process management, progressing to more advanced areas such as ethical hacking, penetration testing, and wireless network security. Students will learn about the importance of data security in the age of information, mastering tools and techniques to protect systems and networks from potential threats.

Students will engage in interactive learning experiences throughout the course, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application. The curriculum emphasises the ethical implications of technology, preparing students to use their skills responsibly in various industries. By combining AI and cybersecurity, this course cultivates technical proficiency and fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and ethical decision-making.

Upon completing the Computer Science course, students will be well-equipped with a robust foundation in AI and Cybersecurity. This program is not just an educational experience but a stepping stone to a future filled with opportunities in the ever-growing fields of technology and digital security.

Each year, we organise excursions to places of significant technological and scientific interest to broaden our students' understanding and inspire them in their educational journeys. In the past, we have visited esteemed institutions such as Tonsley Innovation District, Flinders University, BAE Systems, Line Zero (Factory of the Future), Royal Adelaide Hospital, Hamilton Space School, Fleet Space Technologies, Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG). These visits have been immensely beneficial in providing our students with real-world insights and practical experiences that complement their academic pursuits. The experiences enhanced their theoretical knowledge and provided valuable career insights for our older students who are contemplating their future professional paths.

Join us at the ARCSA for an enlightening and empowering journey in Computer Science, where innovation meets security and students become the architects of tomorrow’s digital world. Let’s explore, learn, and create together!

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