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Language classes for adults and children at several locations or online!

Learn a language in a way that is relevant to you!
Adult Language classes are 1.5 hrs and provide immersion in the language. You learn and absorb in a speaking environment of the target language (Spanish, French, Italian). All tutors are native speakers and you will learn the language with the correct pronunciation in a practical, fun and interactive class.
The classes are learner-centered and relevant to everyday situations. The target language is acquired through conversation, games and role-play.
The emphasis of these classes is to develop listening, comprehension and conversational skills.

After school Language classes at several locations or online.

The classes are a fun, variety-filled 45-minute session taught by a native speaker. The children learn the language through games, play and songs with core focus on speaking. We believe in “learning by doing” and include real conversations about everyday things that children recognize, relate well to and are familiar with.
The children are given an exercise book to bring every week to the class, we often have worksheets to practise the language learned during the lesson. We encourage the children to learn at their own pace and to participate when they feel comfortable doing so. Even if your child does not seem to actively participate, they are still learning by observing, listening and absorbing what’s happening around them.

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Holiday Programme

French and Spanish Language and Cooking Holiday programmes during Easter and Christmas Holidays

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